Mission Statement

Gifts4Kids Cambodia provides education, opportunity and support to the destitute and forgotten people of rural Cambodia.

It is our belief that education should not be a luxury only available to the wealthy, but rather free for all.  It is our good fortune that we are born into relative wealth whilst half of the children born into this world are not. Many are born, live and die below the poverty line, never achieving a fraction of the potential they would have in our position.  Each one of these children has dreams and ambitions, but without help there can be none.

It is true that the greatest gift you can give a child is that of education.  It is through this gift of free education that we can open up a new generation of Cambodian’s to a world of possibility, allowing them to free themselves from the yoke of poverty.

It is also our belief that in the 21st century, no person should be in a position where they  cannot afford to feed themselves or their family.  Nor should any parent be forced to choose between putting their child to work to feed the family or sending them to school.  To this end we aim to extend the gift of care and support to families and children living below the poverty line, feeding them when they are hungry and supporting them when they are alone.

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